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Our Signature Ramen ラ-メン

All ramen comes with toasted barley tea.

Umami, simple, and clean. Made with seijō noodles, chicken bone broth, and shio tare.  Served with chashu, ajitsuke tamago, kamaboko, sprouts, scallions, nori, and negi oil.

Soy sauce-based bliss made with seijō noodles, chicken bone broth, and shoyu tare.  Served with chashu, ajitsuke tamago, kamaboko, sprouts, scallions, nori, black garlic oil.

My Japanese mother’s  favorite!  Sweet, complex, and buttery, made with Seijō noodles, pork bone broth, and miso tare.  Served with chashu, ajitsuke tamago, kamaboko, sweet corn, fried leeks scallions, nori, and ghee oil

Noodlepig ニュードルピッグ
This is it. The Noodlepig rock star.  The pinnacle. This is our version of the heart of all ramens, tonkotsu. Here, we use our signature Noodlepig thicker, reverse-cut noodles, pork bone broth combined with our Noodlepig tare yielding a nutrient-rich soup, slightly higher in viscosity. Add in our fall-off-the-bone baby-back ribs and a slice of Manchego cheese, and boom, an explosion of flavor! We finish it off with ajitsuke tamago, sprouts, fried leeks, scallions, nori, and black garlic oil. Accept no substitutes.

Katsu Kare
Katsu Kare is a combination of two Japanese dishes, Kare rice (Japanese-style curry) and tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet). Pairing this with ramen makes for a rich and delicious trifecta.  Noodlepig noodles, pork bone broth, and our kare tare is served with a crispy fried-pork cutlet drizzled with our house-made tonkatsu sauce.  Garnished with ajitsuke tamago, shaved napa cabbage, pickled red ginger, scallions, nori, and spicy rayu oil.

Pork Posole
A nod to our Hispanic side of the family. We combined this traditional Mexican dish into a delicious ramen fusion. Noodlepig noodles, pork bone broth, and our tomato-guajillo based posole tare offers the best of both worlds into one bowl. Comfort, complex, with a hit of spiciness, just like my Mexican wife.  Served with baby-back ribs, hominy, cilantro, scallions, and a chipotle-lime crema.

Thai Coconut Curry
Spicy, coconutty, with hints of cilantro and lemongrass, this Asian fusion is sure to please.  Made with chicken bone broth and served with roasted chicken thigh, scallions, chopped peanuts, cilantro, ajitsuke tamago, and fried leeks.  Topped with black garlic oil and a lime-coconut cream.

Kid’s Shio
Half the order of noodles, but with just as much umami chicken bone broth flavor as the adult version. Garnished with chashu, half an ajitsuke tamago, scallions, nori, and negi oil.

Customize Your Own Ramen

Be your own chef and create an award-winning combination

Step 1: Bowl Size 

Kodomo (kid) – $7.99
Regular – $12.99 

Step 2: ラ-メン Noodles  

Seijō 正常  Traditionally old school, slightly curly and springy. Stamped approved by our Japanese mother. 
Noodlepig ニュードルピッグ Our own custom recipe. We use a deep-groove reverse-cutter along with a special blend of flour to create this thicker, uniquely straight noodle.
Gluten-ja nai Deliciously gluten-free, made off-premise to ensure both the machine and facility have no trace of gluten.

Extra Noodles – $2.99

Step 3: Tare

Shio Umami, simple and clean.
Shoyu  Soy sauce-based bliss.
Miso  Sweet, complex, and buttery. My mom’s favorite!
Noodlepig The Noodlepig rockstar, tonkotsu. Using 10+ garden ingredients. Accept no substitutes.
Kare Japanese-style curry. Dark, rich, and delicious.
Posole Tomato-based with smoky chipotle and serrano peppers. Comfort, complex, with a hit of spiciness, just like my Mexican wife.
Thai Coconut Curry Spicy, coconutty, with hints of cilantro and lemongrass, this Asian fusion is sure to please. 

Step 4: Broth

Pork Traditional milky-white bone broth, cooked for hours yielding a wholesome, nutrient-rich, and flavor-packed bone-broth soup.

Chicken Move over Campbells, our soup will delight your inner chi. This bone broth is cooked long and slow to extract every ounce of chicken goodness into this broth. 

Vegetable Kenchin No bones here, just straight up ‘umami-fied’ vegan-friendly broth.  Kenchinjiru-style, inspired by Buddhist temple cuisine, made from root vegetables, shiitake, kombu, and 10 other wholesome garden ingredients.

Step 5: Protein 

(Choose one.  $2.99 for each additional protein)
Chashu (marinated, charred pork belly)
Baby Back Ribs
Shrimp tempura 
Gyoza (steamed or fried pork & veggie dumplings)
Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet)
Ground Pork
Manchego Cheese

Step 6: Toppings

(Choose up to three.  $0.99 for each additional topping)
Ajitsuke Tamago (marinated, soft-boiled egg)
Roasted Sweet Corn
Nori (roasted seaweed)
Moyashi (blanched bean sprouts)
Menma (marinated bamboo shoots)
kamaboko (fish cake)
Pickled Red ginger
Roasted Bok Choy
Fried Panko
Fried Leeks
Shredded napa cabbage
chopped peanuts

Step 6: Oils & Sauces

Negi It means ‘leeks’ in Japanese, so if you like fried sweet onions, you’ll love this.

Black Garlic Adds a rich, bold, and complex flavor

Anchovy It’s honestly way better than what you’re thinking. Think all the flavor from fried fish.

Rayu Spice up the party with some Japanese chilies.

Ghee Clarified butter Indian-style, with a hint of nuttiness

Lime-Coconut Cream Rich coconut flavor with a hint of fresh lime

Chipotle-Lime Crema A beautiful story where smoky southwestern heat meets the cooling velvety mouthfeel of Mexican crema, cut with the fresh citrus of lime. Muy delicioso!

Tonkatsu Sauce A sweet and savory house-made asian bbq sauce using a special 20-ingredient blend of veggies, fruits, and spices. From ginger and apples, to carrots and dates, to cloves and coriander. The only thing that’s missing is the kitchen sink.

No Soup For You!

Let the taste of the noodles shine in these fun non-soup options. Served with your choice of noodles, a protein, and 3 toppings
Kodomo (kid) – $7.99 | Regular – $12.99

‘Bata-a’ Noodles Butter noodles in a light butter sauce
Yakisoba Noodles in a balanced sweet/savory glaze
Tsukemen Dipping noodles. Can be made with any tare flavors.


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Pat yourself on the back, you’ve just fed three hungry kiddos.

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