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Handmade. Gourmet. Fast.
Ending child hunger, one bowl at a time.

Coming this spring to GR!

Youkoso! Welcome!  
Welcome to my family’s ramen shop.  Here, we do things from scratch. We make our own unique ramen noodles, we take our time producing our nutrient-rich bone broth and we only use fresh, high-end ingredients because you deserve nothing less.  I’m so excited for you to experience my ramen dishes which includes traditional Japanese flavors and some fun fusion twists.  Choose from our signature menu or build your own bowl, there’s really no wrong move here.  Enjoy!

~ Chris Wessely, founder, executive chef, ramen-addict

End Child Hunger, One Bowl at a Time.
For every bowl of ramen purchased, 3 hungry children are fed. One right here in our city, one nationally, and one abroad.  So as you slurp away to ramen-bliss, know that you’ve also made a significant impact in three children’s lives today.  Together, we will end child hunger, one bowl at a time.  

601 Bond Ave. NW, Suite 102
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Pat yourself on the back, you’ve just fed three hungry kiddos.